Services & Rates

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Rates for individual sessions

[Note: As of July 1, 2020: rates for individual sessions and packages have raised slightly. I will continue to honor all previously purchased packages at their original rates!] 

Current rates for individual sessions are listed below — tipping is not expected nor requested. I also offer a number of packages for self-referred/non-insurance clients. 

Insurance clients: Please see my insurance section below.

Payment is due at the time of service for all services except Diagnosed Injury Treatment (for insurance claims) — and the discount for same-day payment is reflected in the rates listed below.

For descriptions of each service, please visit my Specialties page.

>> Massage or Craniosacral Therapy

  • $85 for 60 min session*
  • $120 for 90 min session

>> Stone Medicine

  • $110 for 90 min session

>> Diagnosed Injury Treatment (for insurance claims)

  • $42.50 per unit (unit = 15 minutes)

>> On-site Chair or Table Massage

  • contact me with a description of your event to discuss rates
Sessions will be 60 or 90 minutes in length, which includes intake and hands-on time. Sessions will be tailored to the client’s needs that day. Per WA state law: clients will either be fully clothed or modestly draped at all times during the session.
*Out-of-pocket rate for a 60-minute session reflects an $85.00 (50%) discount for payment at the time of service — which typically is not applicable for insurance billing. Rates may change without notice. Payments accepted: cash, check, debit/credit, or online via Paypal.

Packages & Specials

For self-referred/non-insurance clients, I offer the following packages.**

You may purchase these packages in person, or online via my scheduling site >> sign in, then select “Prepaid Packages“.

>> Massage or Craniosacral: 60-minute sessions, 4-pack $300

RSMB_29_cranial-vault-top_1200_crop_BW$340 value! Four 60-minute sessions provides you an excellent opportunity to explore massage or CST as an ongoing holistic treatment or stress reduction. You determine the frequency of your visits.

>> Massage or Craniosacral: 90-minute sessions, 4-pack $420

RSMB_37_back-M-full_crop_1200_bw$480 value! Four 90-minute sessions allow you to dive into treatment of an injury or chronic pain, self-care, or maintenance for injury prevention. You determine the frequency of your visits.


>> Deep Work series: 4 (90-minute) sessions $375

RSMB_21_medicines-on-white_1200_BW$480 value! Four 90-minute Stone medicine sessions allows you the chance to go deep into an issue (or several), with full support — physical, emotional, spiritual — and plenty of time to explore. This valuable work can be used for unwinding traumas in a safe and supported way, recovery from accidents or impacts, and exploring physical patterns with emotional expressions (or vice versa). Contact me if you are interested in this series.

**Rates, specials and package prices may change without notice. Payments accepted: cash, check, debit/credit (via Paypal), or online via Paypal.

Gift Certificates & Gift Vouchers

If you’d like to give a gift to a friend, colleague, or family member: you can purchase gift certificates in increments of $25, or gift vouchers for a specific service or package.

Purchase from me in person, and I will provide a card which you can present to the lucky person, or you can purchase online at any time via my scheduling site >> sign in, then select “Gift Vouchers.” Whether you purchase an amount or a specific session, you’ll receive a code which you can print or email to the lucky recipient; they will use that code when booking their session.



I currently accept insurance claims for:

  • PIP (Personal Injury Protection, ie. motor vehicle/car accidents)
  • L&I  (Labor & Industries, ie. on-the-job injuries)

I am not in-network with any other insurance providers at this time (even though my name may still be listed in their provider directory).

Massage sessions for Diagnosed Injury Treatment last 60-minutes each, and typically span a number of sessions over a period of time (as determined by the doctor’s prescription).

For the first session, we will conduct a thorough assessment, determine short-term and long-term goals, and record metrics (including range of motion and pain levels) — all of which will be used to create a specific treatment plan for the diagnosed injury. Each session thereafter follows the treatment plan, and will include: a brief intake, hands-on work, and followup assessment.

Please contact me or call prior to booking your first appointment for a diagnosed injury (insurance) case. We’ll need to discuss your case and review your insurance claim to ensure coverage.

For all Diagnosed Injury Treatment sessions that will be billed against an injury claim for payment, you will need to provide:

  1. Prescription from a doctor or chiropractor, which must include:
    • diagnosis code(s)
    • number and/or frequency of treatments
    • expiration date
  2. Authorization & Claim information
    • L&I authorization number –or– PIP claim number
    • representative name and phone number

Note: For insurance benefits such as PremeraRegence, Kaiser First Choice, Cigna, Aetna, or United: I can provide an itemized receipt called a “superbill” which you can send in for reimbursement, but I cannot guarantee that they will reimburse any or all of the costs. Be sure to call your insurance provider and ask about the reimbursement process!