Grounding you in your daily life,
supporting you in your transition,
lifting you to your full potential.

Life in this day and age is hectic. Crazy. Busy. Crazy-busy. Especially in Seattle, a city that loves its technology. Our gadgets keep find new ways to keep us connected to the grid, so our employer and family and friends expect us to do so. Our laptops chime with new emails 24/7, fitness trackers scold us for not moving around more, dozens of ads flash by every hour, and our phones buzz constantly with updates, telling us to hurry up or we’ll be late for the next thing in the schedule…

All of this is happening, all at once, and that’s just the day-to-day stuff. And what if you have kids, or a partner, or a pet that needs attention too? You barely have time to stay on top of it all — you certainly don’t have time to process that huge life transition that shadows your every move. How on earth can you handle it all?

Seriously: how DO you handle it all?

Stop. Take a breath. (No, really. Take a breath.)

Good, now take a deeper one. Now imagine how you’d feel if your entire body — from your overtaxed nervous system to your spinning mind to your anxious belly, and all your restless limbs — could just stop and settle down. Take a break from the race. Unwind. Reorganize. For an hour… or maybe more. Wouldn’t you feel grounded? Less overwhelmed? Back in control? Absolutely rock solid?

At Rock Solid Massage & Bodywork, I offer you that break.

By tapping in to the wisdom of your own body, I can help you engage in healthy conversations with your mind, body, and spirit. I will help you deepen your relationship with yourself. In turn, your body will respond from within, and you can find the healing you seek. Does that sound like a tall order? You bet it is. And I’m ready to help you find your center, and solidify your foundation so you can stay grounded and successful in the maelstrom of your busy life. Are you ready?

RSMB_03-head-smiling_SMcropRock Solid Massage & Bodywork, PLLC is owned and operated by Darin Stumme, LMT. I’m extremely passionate about supporting my clients on their individual paths of healing and wellness. You can learn more about my approach, reviews, and background.

WA Dept of Health LMT license: #MA60402201