I help people do their most important work:

healing from injury, pain, and emotional distress through pain‑free massage & bodywork.

Providing Massage & Bodywork Services in West Seattle Since 2013.

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Finding Your Center, Finding Your



When a body is listened to, it becomes eloquent.

I customize each massage session for what you need in the moment: centering and grounding, self-care, stress reduction, injury treatment, pain relief, trauma unwinding, emotional clearing, or support for a life transition. On my table, you’re allowed to step back, give your mind a rest, and allow your body to tell its story: what’s working well, and how it can use more support.

Whether you’re a “deep-tissue refugee” or if you’re simply looking for a greater sense of ease with your everyday activities of work and play — whether you’re celebrating a milestone, or struggling with a life transition — whether you’ve received dozens of massages all over the globe, or if you’ve never received a professional massage before in your life — no matter what, you’ll be treated with compassion, safety, and respect.

I strive to be inclusive: race, gender, orientation, ability, size, age, religion/culture, and more. I’m limited by my experiences (as are we all), and I’m eager to listen and learn.

First time client?

What to expect

When you book your first session, my online scheduling program will send an email providing access to my electronic records portal. There you will fill out an intake (health history) form online, update your notification preferences, and fill out any other forms prior to your session forms (such as insurance claim information or Covid-prescreen).

Whenever possible, please wear comfortable, loose clothing to your session; you may re-main clothed during treatment (depending on the session or your personal preferences). Even if you choose to disrobe (partially or fully), per WA state law: clients will either be fully clothed or modestly draped at all times during the session.

I follow state laws, proclamations, and guidelines that govern healthcare providers and LMTs in Washington state: hygiene & sanitation, draping, boundaries, documentation, disclosure, privacy, and ethics. Romantic or sexual contact between a therapist and client is always inappropriate. Any form of inappropriate requests, discussion, or solicitation is not allowed, and will not be tolerated.

If you have any questions, please contact me prior to booking a session. Thanks, and I hope to work with you soon.

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Covid-19 Protocols

From pandemic to endemic

Covid-19 Symbol for Health & Safety

Updated July, 2023:

Washington State has discontinued the state-wide requirement for healthcare providers and their patients to wear masks in healthcare sessions and settings. (As of April 2023.)

With that said: Covid has not gone away entirely. Although reported case numbers have gone down considerably since the height of the pandemic, Covid continues to be transmitted within our communities, and the lingering symptoms from having been infected (even mild cases) continue to linger in many of us. 

Our immunocompromised neighbors, friends, and families haven’t gone away, either. While many of us enjoy “back to normal” activities such as going to grocery stores, cafes, and event concerts without wearing masks — a small but important percentage of us must continue to remain vigilant, doing all that we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones from what can still be a devastating infection.

I will be following these best practices until further notice: 

  • Masks are optional — for patients and practitioner — however, you are welcome to wear a mask during your session, and you may request that I wear a mask as well.
  • Pre-screening questionnaire prior to each session: Covid-19 Pre-screen (electronic, sent via email)
  • Enhanced sanitation & procedures are still in place.
  • I may inquire about your vaccination status, although I will not require proof.
  • If you are not vaccinated, I may have additional questions about your participation in certain activities or travel… all in the spirit of ensuring that we’ll be a good fit.

I ask your honesty when discussing vaccination status and virus exposure; I will be honest and transparent about mine. Additionally, I do recommend everyone get vaccinated against Covid-19 (unless you have a valid medical exemption) if you have not done so already. I recommend staying current on booster shots for your age/demographic as well.

And if you test positive Covid, please wait before coming in for an appointment until the following conditions have been met:

  • 10-14 days after a known infection or symptoms
  • 2 days of consecutive rapid tests (all negative results) + 5 day waiting period


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you to all my patients for your continued thoughtfulness and cooperation as we have navigated these changes over the past several years. We’re still all in this together.


Debra SchwartzDebra Schwartz
00:19 01 Dec 22
Darin is a masseuse at the top of his game. He listens to what the needs are, then uses a variety of modalities to address it. Can't say enough good things about him.
Marianne BrockhausMarianne Brockhaus
02:31 05 Mar 22
I am so impressed by the care I have received after my motor vehicle accident. Darin has been able to work on separate sections of the pain, as well as treat holistically. He is knowledgeable in musculoskeletal structures and genuinely caring and listens to my goals, and helps me achieve them.
Sabin GilmanSabin Gilman
03:05 06 Feb 22
My session with Darin was fantastic and exactly what I was looking for. He is intuitive and works the fascia, nervous system, and muscles without traditional oil/lotion. He incorporated movement(active and passive) and guided me in unwinding the joint and fascia as he held pressure in all the right places. I have a chronic shoulder condition and he is one of the first(of many) to really give it the attention and intention that it needs to heal. And, he knows how to hold space and move energy.
Chad KoehnkeChad Koehnke
03:37 09 Dec 21
I go to deal with headaches, neck and back pain. Always a top quality massage…some of the best I’ve had anywhere. Plus, Darin quite often has good and last minute availability as an extra bonus.
I consider Darin to be at the top of my self-care team when it comes to bodywork. My first introduction of him was at the Discovery School of Massage. He taught a skill enhancement course. After graduation, I sought him out for a session. I was blown away by his intuitive nature, and capacity to both lead my body into unwindings and also to follow it! I feel SO much better after seeing him. He is truly gifted. One of those amazing people who is brilliantly intuitive.
Katrina K.Katrina K.
01:07 14 Nov 21
Darin is a top-notch therapist and overall outstanding human! I felt safe and comfortable working with him, and I left his office with more ease and comfort in my body. I highly recommend this skilled practitioner.
Michael ToughillMichael Toughill
16:56 07 Oct 21
Darin is a miracle worker -- he's helped me with both the physical stress that comes from having a very, very desk-intensive job as well as the physical stress I felt from having surgery and feeling physically ... there in my new body.Most importantly though, Darin is just a lovely person. I felt comfortable from the drop, and that is just so important to me in finding a body work provider.
22:25 06 Oct 21
Darin is my go-to massage therapist for all my weightlifting woes. His focus on long term improvements over quick fixes is what keeps me from falling apart as I get older and keeps me coming back!