TEMP test page


Rock Solid Massage & Bodywork, PLLC is owned and operated by Darin Stumme, LMT. Darin is extremely passionate about supporting clients on their individual paths of healing and wellness.

Heading 1 – Century Gothic FF9900

Heading 2 – Century Gothic  FFAD33 (make italic manually)

Heading 3 – Century Gothic FF6600 (do not make italic)

Heading 4 – Pull-quote: Rock Salt 800000

Heading 5 – Playfair (make italic – use for Disclaimers)
Heading 6 – Playfair (italic ok – use for Fine print)

Paragraph font goes here, ipsom lorem unum eb quab sit. 000000

Link and Hover should be FF9900

Address font goes here, ipsom lorem unum eb quab sit. 000000

Bold orange FF9900

Lighter FFAD33

Light orange FFCC66

Dark orange FF6600

Brownish orange CC6600 (ie. visited)

Dark Red CC3300

Brown 663300